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You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32 KJV

Commetary Page

1st Topic: What Love is From YAH’s Perspective as I see It

From what I see in the WORD of YAH, is that no where in HIS words to us does HE say I Love You. But HIS love is clearly shown. Everything you need has been provided.
Think about this, before you were conceived, everything necesary to bring you into this world was already done.
And everything was already done for when your mother became pregnant with you. Then when you were born, everything was in place for you to continue to live outside your mother. As we all know, that from infantcy to the age of understanding about the world we live in, all we need has been provied for, because at that time in our lives we don’t know about those things of the world that are dangerous or how to take care of ourselves. Yes I know some never make it to the age of understanding, but know where that comes from. It is simply due to some of those who lack the understanding of the love shown to us by YAH. Quite simply some of us think of children as a burden, and those who do this do not want to take care of the children as they should. YAH has allowed us to say to one another, “I love you”. But this a very easy and weak way to show your love. And thus HE has never said it but in sooooo manyyyy ways, showed it.