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You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32 KJV

A Message To Satan’s Sons (The Elite)

YAH says, as my son, this messenger, is flesh, so are you. And as he is spirit, so are you. As he is a soul, so are you. You both WILL return to ME for judgement. And your chosen god, Lucifer/Heyl’el/the dragon/that old serpent called the devil and satan has already been judged. And will BURN UP in the Lake Of Fire. This IS his judgement and also those who follow and/or worship him. So who will save you ? The rich and poor meet together: the Lord is the maker of them all. Proverbs 22:2 I am Alpha and Ome´ga, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty. Revelation 1:8

Societal Control – Illuminati Exposed – 50 Year Old Recording Tells All

Since we now know that one of the first families to follow and carry out the will of Heyl’el/Lucifer, through their love of money is the Rockerfeller family lets fine out more about them. Below is an article from * Note : If this link does not work, copy and paste it in the search of your favorite browser.

Who is the Rockefeller family? Are they Illuminati? How did this family earn their wealth? What are they doing?


JAN 18, 2018 Who are the Rockefellers? A brief history.

One of the most recognized families within the United States and globally, is that of the Rockefeller family. In 1870, the families patriarch John D. Rockefeller founded the Standard Oil company. Through the acquisition or annihilation of his competitors, John D. Rockefeller established a monopoly on the oil industry in the United States. By 1890, Standard Oil was conducting business on a global scale when it started shipping kerosene to China.

In 1909, the company was sued under Federal anti-trust Laws, the Sherman Antitrust Act. The company, by this time controlled ninety one percent of production and eighty five percent of kerosene sales in the United States. In 1911, Standard Oil was forced by the United States government to dismantle the company into thirty four different companies. Of these companies, three of them have the right to still use the Standard name (Exxon-Mobil, Chevron Corporation, and BP).

John D. Rockefeller lived in retirement for the last four decades of his life, during this time he engaged in many philanthropic endeavors. He established many foundations that worked in the areas of medical, education, and scientific research.

A benevolent philanthropist? Not really!

John D. Rockefeller the 1st

David Rockefeller is known for the establishing the Chase Manhattan Bank in 1946. Since that time the Chase Manhattan bank has been renamed as the J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, this occurred in 1955.

David Rockefeller has been an insider to every White House administration since Eisenhower. Another achievement of David was his founding of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. Both of these entities operate like a shadow government, behind the scenes of the legitimate American government. He is also a participant at the Bilderberg Group meetings.

Rumors state that David Rockefeller has been associated with the CIA – Central Intelligence Agency for many years. David has had working relationships with a variety of high powered figures such as Fidel Castro, Nikita Khrushchev, Mikhail Gorbachev and Saddam Hussein.

Nelson Rockefeller served as Vice-President under Gerald Ford from 1974-1977. He was also Governor of New York from 1959 through 1973. He ran for President of the United States three times unsuccessfully, this was in the years, 1960, 1964, and 1968. He was also very influential in his support for the Museum of Modern Art.

Here’s an example of how the elite and poliics are closely related. Below is a picture with President Obama and John Rockerfeller, then Democraic Senator of West Virgina.

U.S. President Barack Obama (3R) shakes hands with Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) (2L) as (L-R) Sen. John D (Jay) Rockefeller the IV (D-WV) looks on.  October 8, 2010

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