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You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32 KJV

Economy The Beginning

The United States Economy was based on the value of Gold and Silver. Later that value was given to the Dollar bill in different denominations. 1,2,5,10.20,50,100,1000 etc. to use to purchase items of different values. Items values are based on how much it cost to make/produce them.

For example, if someone set the value of gold at 100.00 dollars an ounce. An even trade for that ounce would be to print 100, one dollar bills and/or 50, two dollar bills and/or 20, five dollar bills and/or 10, ten dollar bills and/ or 5, twenty dollar bills and/or 2, fifty dollar bills and/or 1, hundred dollar bill.

An example of the value of an Item would be if a person liked making Kites. Well that person would have to buy different colors of paper, and lets say 10 sheets cost 5.00. Two sticks per Kite at .20 cents X 10 Kites = 2.00. And 50 feet of string costs .75 cents and each Kite requires 50 feet of string, that would be .75 X 10 = 7.50. The total to make 10 Kites would be 5.00+2.00+7.50 =14.50. This would be the true value of the Kites. Now to continue to make kites this person would have to sell the made Kites for 1.45 each. In order for this person to make a living selling Kites they would have to charge more than the Item is worth, to pay for a home, electric, gas, food, phone service, etc. This in a nutshell is the economy.

As the image shows, the more Jobs, the better the Economy

Now that you have a good idea of what the Economy of a Society is, let me show you what the controller elites have planned for us in this American Economy

Fall Of Empires – From Rome To America

This video was made in 2016. Who knows, how long they have been planning this. But YAHUAH/GOD has said that there will come a time when no one will be able to buy or sell unless you have the mark of the beast or the number of his name. Which is 666.

The Fed and Our Current Monetary System is UNCONSTITUTIONAL
Economic Collapse – London Has Fallen

The bottom line to anything, in this instance the Economy, notice that the Societys mentioned began with what GOD made and considers valuable. But then they(people in government), chose to devalue GOD’S made valuables, for whatever reasons, and their society collapsed. Today that is the goal of those who have control of most of the wealth of the World. Unfortunately 98% of the Worlds population are not wealthy. I think you get the point. This is just another trap of the enemy, satan. To cause all rich or poo, free or bond to take his mark as a show of alligence to him against the VALUABLE things of YAHUAH/GOD.

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